6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Central Library
Farish Theater

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Seeking a unique gift for his son, an erstwhile inventor purchases a cute, fuzzy little "Mogwai" from a Chinatown shopkeeper's grandson, who dispenses several warnings before closing the deal. Meanwhile, young bank clerk Billy Peltzer must suffer such antagonists as Mrs. Deagle and priggish Gerald while pursuing his romance with Kate. These and a variety of other plot strands are tied together when the lovable mogwai is exposed to bright light and gotten wet. In short order, the town is invaded by nasty, predatory Gremlins, who lay waste to everything in sight as Billy and Kate try to contain the destruction.

Rated PG

Event Type(s): Movies
Jennie Samons
(859) 231-5500 ext. 1155